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Here’s What Our Students Have Been Able To Achieve

Saxon Baum


We were at a point where our digital marketing strategy plateaued. We were doing everything right in our minds in terms of social media and outbound marketing. When I first met Nick, he opened my eyes to a whole new world and he guaranteed me that by going through the academy, I would be able to generate more leads and more quality leads as well as tighten up our online messaging. I can say with honesty, going through the academy has completely transformed our business and we know have an extremely sound image and voice online.

Vincent Lanci
Strive to Lead

After about two months of contact, Nick and the Academy aligned my thought process with my business strategy, vision, and goals. In just a small amount of time, Strive to Lead has come further than I thought it could in at least a half- year time period. I have reached a much wider audience and more focused audience in a remarkably more efficient way. The Second Flight Academy truly deserves an overwhelming amount of credit to the increased awareness and growth of Strive to Lead. When you sign up for the Academy, you get more than a subscription to a service. Nick and his team makes themselves available throughout the entire day and has no problems with explaining things multiple times to make sure that you understand his concepts. In addition, he’ll even reach out to you to check up on your progress. This personalized touch is definitely the separator against similar services. I joined the Academy knowing barely anything on what would be the best way to get my new business off the ground and in the faces of my core audience. After 8 weeks my thought process, strategy, and business goals are dynamic and achievable more than ever.

Mia Kebea
Seniors In Place

Nick and his academy have added so much value to Seniors In Place. With the amount of endless strategies and marketing ideas, walking us through some major marketing obstacles. The has made all the difference when it comes to how we advertise and market ourselves. From Facebook, online marketing, webinars and print ads the academy has made all the difference.

Rob Balding

Second Flight's Academy has been a great resource for
When first starting out we had a lot of great marketing ideas, but as we soon found out, ideas can be useless if not executed properly.
Being that there is a ton of competition in the fashion industry, we had to find a way to differentiate ourselves in non-traditional ways. The Academy came in and taught us how to be savvy with social media, conquer the digital game, and do this all on a bootstrap budget while making us look like a million bucks! We continue to utilize the tools and knowledge that has been passed onto us on a everyday basis. Learn how to play the game before it plays you.

Guy Prandstatter
Academy of Responsible Tattooing

We hired Nick to take us to the next level. His expertise in the social media world has given our company the competitive edge we needed to destroy our competition and establish ourselves as the foremost authority in the market of tattoo and tattoo education. Nick and Second Flight Academy have really blown the doors off our already thriving business, I would recommend the Academy to anyone looking for a professional approach to branding and marketing.

John Gardner
BE Furniture

Being able to correctly brand your identity and message, in a focused concise manner is a basic fundamental that every business needs. Working with Nick and Second Flight Academy, we were able to share our vision, and achieve a very clear and specific brand that is authentic and supports our client’s needs.